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About Us


Made with love by 2 ex-slouching founders who, at the time, were so tired of their aching backs. They resisted wasting money on pain killers that would obviously be a temporary fix (and clearly a less-healthy route), but they also resisted to keep suffering. They had to come up with something unique, something healthy.

TowerBelt™ is a healthy way of saying "enough". It's a way of saying "I'm taking the control back". 

The ex-slouchers realized that it wasn't just about creating a natural, effective posture corrector that would offer a long lasting fix - but it was also about having the right material, the right muscle targeting, the right shape and the right size to make sure that it feels  just right

two men laughing white sitting on chairs

So they started searching for the help of a physical therapist. They've spend countless hours until they reached the right one, the best one! The one physical therapist that had the right knowledge and the right determination to help them impact the world with a long-lasting change. 


Higher levels of energy, a healthier body, and a huge boost of confidence. Sounds great, right?


That's not enough.

Our restless ex-slouchers that we're proud to call our founders and the core of  TowerBelt™ want the full deal. They  live the holistic approach. 

TowerBelt™ helps with: 

  • Eliminating or Reducing Back Pain
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Less Tension in the Neck and Shoulders
  • Better Breathing
  • Improved Circulation and Digestion
  • Increased Core Strength and Balance
  • Better Appearance - Taller & Slimmer Form
  • Psychological Well being and Increased Confidence

All these remarkable benefits come from correcting your posture with the best product on the market. Crazy? Yes, definitely. 



We believe that if you find something that makes your life be better, you share it. That's what motivated the ex-slouchers to start, that's what's motivating the  TowerBelt™ team to be better every day, and that's what's motivating our empire (our customers) to share it with their loved ones and help us expand. 

Our TowerBelt™ product is a life-long friend, and our TowerBelt™ empire is becoming stronger every day. 

Take our hand and join us. There's no one that we'd rather have more than you. 

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